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Books written by B G Verghese

Books written by B G Verghese

Books written by B G Verghese

A State in Denial Pakistan's Misguided and Dangerous Crusade

This preface from a posthumously released book (28 March 2016) on Pakistan lucidly explains why Kashmir has never been the core issue in the India-Pakistan 'stalemate'. Verghese argues that Pakistan’s lack of identity and the abdication of its rich syncretic Sufi heritage have set the country dangerously adrift.

Prize Idiocy of Little Men

Nehru established India as a democracy, its diversity safeguarded through secular policies. He cannot be equated with a Modi.

Sliding Downhill

Terror attacks pull Pakistan deeper into the mire as chauvinists in India call for “firm action” and the RSS starts picking up the reins.

Hurrah for Little Crimes

The official message is that the little lie, the little crime, the small infraction is all right - at least for the mighty. Yet small crimes unpunished lead to greatr transgressions.

Cast(e) Aside in Bihar

Caste continues to plague Bihar as justice is flouted around India at all levels of government.

Modi Wins Amid Storm Signals

The poll verdict is a crushing commentary on the utter non-performance of Rahul Gandhi. Modi must now turn to reform, tribal uplift and dealing with all Indians, equally.

The Peace Prize

For a Hindu and a Muslim, an Indian and a Pakistani, to jointly receive a Nobel when the two sides have been warring brings an inspiring message.

Broom and The Boss

Wonderful slogans for Clean India need to be matched by infrastructure and and 21st century thinking that shuns casteism.

A Circus in New York

In a week when India put a satellite into Mars orbit, the over-hyped visit of the Indian Prime Minister to New York assumed theatrical proportions.

Making War Talking Peace

The Chinese President talked peace and investment even as a mini-war was being waged in Ladakh.

Lessons From Two Floods

There could be cross-border initiatives for peace and common good but politics has taken centre stage amidst this tragedy.

Al Qaeda-IS Warning

The greater danger comes from the openly divisive politics of the BJP and the Parivar which is polarising the nation.

A Silence not Golden

The government moves swiftly to quell party rumours but remains masterly inactive on the increasingly communal tone of political discourse.

Boundary And Other Tensions

Northeast India’s State boundary disputes need to be speedily resolved with a fresh look at Kashmir development along the rail corridor too.

Speaking Generally

Mr Modi’s Independence Day address was stirring but vague and with still no mention on how he plans to reign in the Parivar from harmful communal rhetoric.

Unhealthy Trends

Mirroring BJP’s disruptive tactice, Rahul Gandhi disrupts Parliament, while Tendulkar and Rekha continue to be woefully neglectful of the Rajya Sabha.

Obscurantism and Obfuscation

Modi endorses mythical ‘rewritten’ history in Gujarat schools while the Gandhis cry foul over a book by Natwar Singh.

A Thundering Silence

The government remains quiet in the face of growing saffron venom and new Gujarat textbooks that show Afghanistan and Tibet as part of India.

On A Slippery Slope

The government needs to make a strong stand against Hindutva chauvinism and clear out undesirables from high office.

Reality Bites

The Finance and Railway Ministers present realistic budgets as Congress stalls in Parliament.

Caliphs and Clowns

As fundamentalism rears its ugly head abroad, and in India, the media needs to focus on real issues like the empowering Kasmir rail link, not celebrity duels.

Warrior State, Pakistan

“Islamic” Pakistan was born to defend the "ideological frontiers of Islam". But it is even today unable to define the true Muslim and the plot has got lost along the way. New books shed fresh light.

Worrying Fundamentalist Spurt

The rise of extremism in Iraq is a wake-up call for inclusive dialogue in Kashmir as the BJP starts reaching out.

Singh sings out of tune, again

Disgraceful broadside maligning Army goes unpunished and undermines new government's lightning start.

Good in Parts

The new government has set a scorching pace in streamlining administration and neighbourly outreach. Now it should distance itself from extreme ideologues.

Make Haste and Prioritise Carefully

With a streamlined government, now is the time for a Uniform Civil Code.

Walllowing in Delusion

Congress fails to weigh anchor and jettison its Gandhi mooring while Modi rightly snubs Jayalalithaa and stands firm on the Sri Lanka inaugural invite.

The New Republic?

As young voters sweep Narendra Modi into power, It is time for a Congress revamp and for Modi to rise above conservative hindutva elements.

None more Equal than Others

Shielding high level corruption is wrong. But mala fide complaints against honest officials should be met with swift and exemplary punishment.

Moving in Circles

It appears procrastination, indecision and status quoism has once again won the day in the twilight of the ballot.

Reprehensible and Puerile

None can escape admonition, but the BJP-Parivar’s grammar of arrogance and hatred is particularly manifest and disturbing.

Much Ado About Nothing

In his book, Baru has only recorded history – not invented it. The PM sadly swallowed his pride so as not to let the side down. For his many friends and admirers, this was a matter of genuine grief.

Modi’s Married Bachelorhood

Citing "child-marriage" and "irrelevance" the man who would be PM keeps marriage under wraps until the Supreme Court forces light on the subject.

She Stoops But Fails to Conquer

Madhu Kishwar's apologia does not wash away the stains of the 2002 Gujarat pogrom.

Only Shrill Abuse Now

It’s simply not cricket as poll campaigners outdo each other with undiluted vitriol across the country.

Double Talk, Double Dealing

The West may huff and puff over Crimea but its own policies in erstwhile Yugoslavia, Kosovo, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan have been self-serving.

Get Set… But Go Where?

The polls mark a decisive generational change and a likely end to Congress dominance, with a new profile of aspiring candidates and electors.

Kunan Poshpora: Sad Farce

Twenty-four years after the event, the alleged Kunnan Pospora mass rape case against the Indian Army in Kashmir has taken a new turn.

Poll Surge vs PM Stakes

The jury is still out on the next prime minister even if the 2014 electoral outcome indicates a BJP surge under Modi’s leadership.

Revisiting Broadcast Autonomy

The Pitroda Committee returns a useful blueprint for a renewed Prasar Bharati public broadcasting corporation but misses some key issues.

Plumbing The Depths

Lok Sabha and Delhi politics hit a new low with pepper spray in Parliament and a rudderless capital as Aam Aadmi exits the stage.

Undoing the Indian Identity

The Northeast grieves over a needless death in the capital as India feels a splintering strain – from conservative khaps to groups seeking “backward” status to move “forward”.

Dangerous Tamashas

New Delhi witnessed some dangerous gamesmanship with the Delhi 'Government' sitting in protest on the streets where it attempted to transact official business.

Going Overboard

The new Delhi Government spent a tumultuous first fortnight in office leaving the aam admi both excited and bewildered.

Ringing In a New Year

AAP hands out freebies as Modi suddenly finds his conscience and Manmohan Singh fires a sharp salvo at the BJP chief.

The Arrogance of Power

The Indo-US spat surrounding Indian Deputy Consul-General in New York, Ms Devyani Khobragade was entirely avoidable.

The AAP Loses Its Sheen

The Aam Addmi Party wants “outside” and “unconditional” support to be spelt out as an advance commitment to kow-tow before a supreme authority.


Pakistan has also to come to terms with its true Islamic heritage—a soft, humanistic, syncretic, Sufi-infused Islam, rather than the narrow, revivalist and fundamentalist Wahhabi Islam that has been imposed on its people as ‘the ideology of Pakistan’



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